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Supporting leadership teams
taking collective responsibility for their own development

 Page updated at November 26, 2023
Pete Ashby - Team 2030

Hello, my name is Pete Ashby, and welcome to TEAM2030!


We are a small "think tank" that asks what are the big ideas and innovations that would be of the greatest benefit to high performing leadership teams that wish to lead the way in their industry or sector by the end of the 2020s.

Coaching leadership: our "big idea"

Since we were formed in March 2020, we have come to understand the extent to which leadership coaching is now dominated by professional coaches charging top teams large sums of money to advise them on how they should run their organisation.  

This might be good news for those businesses offering professional coaching, but for most organisations it doesn't really offer a sustainable strategy, or indeed good value for money. 

In our view
, leaders are better served by developing their own capacity for COACHING LEADERSHIP, with members of the leadership team sharing collective responsibility for COACHING EACH OTHER, AS EQUALS, as part of their commitment to the development of the whole leadership team.  

To us, this is the big idea that will increasingly determine which organisations are best placed to achieve lasting success

On the next page we set out our latest thinking about the model of coaching leadership that any organisation should gain real benefit from, within MONTHS.

We would love to hear from you if you find these ideas useful for your wider leadership team, or indeed if you have any criticisms of our approach.  Many thanks! 

Guiding principles for leadership teams

Over the years we have developed a series of guiding principles for teams to use when they are engaging in any sort of ideas-building.  They draw on Pete's work when he was Leadership Director of St George's House, Windsor Castle and also from the countless overnight events that he has facilitated with different Boards and Executive teams.  

Organisations often say that they would like to be able to use them for team Awaydays.  We share them below because we would be more than happy for you to draw on them in whatever way is useful for you.

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